Since 1990, GLSEN has been making K-12 schools better for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Through the help of our supporters, we create resources and provide training, proven to change schools from hostile to inclusive.

While we’ve made progress, in order for every student to feel safe and affirmed we need to reach every one of the 130,000 schools in America. To do this, we need your monthly support so that we can focus more on reaching students and less on raising necessary funds.

Monthly giving is the easiest, most efficient way to help LGBT students throughout the year. Please join our Dean's List today by selecting recurring contribution at the bottom of this page.

To recognize your support, you will also receive special benefits, including:

1. A yearly tax statement summarizing your annual giving
2. Access to a dedicated Dean’s List concierge who can modify your account at any time
3. Special recognition as a member of our Dean’s List in our annual report and event program books
4. Our newsletter detailing how your support is improving the lives of countless LGBT students across America
5. Periodic updates that give you a detailed look into the life of an LGBT student you helped. 


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