Join the Street Team!

Icons of diverse students against magenta background, with light icons depicting digital activism. "Join the Day of Silence Street Team! Free Swag"

As a member of the Street Team, you'll be among a growing group of incredible LGBTQ students across the country who are committed to making their schools LGBTQ-inclusive as GLSEN’s outreach team organizers! You will be encouraging students to register for and participate in GLSEN’s Day of Silence


What you get as being a part of Street Team:

  • Immediate registration and 4x the swag to help you do outreach for GLSEN’s Day of Silence.
  • A Street Team Welcome Packet to help you brainstorm outreach in your community.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook page of GLSEN’s Street Team Community to build a new network of organizers across the country.
  • Receiving monthly GLSEN Student Organizer newsletters.
  • Tips and tricks on how to organize in your community.
  • Expanding your own community network of people who want to join you in building safer schools.
  • First access to being a part of GLSEN’s year-round Street Team during the 2019 school year.


Your goals as a Street Teamer:

  • Get people to register for events by sharing links on your social media and tagging GLSEN.
  • Sharing your selfie signs during registration times and tagging GLSEN.
  • Putting up flyers in your community and school.
  • Tabling at your school to promote GLSEN event.
  • Answering questions folks have at your school about how they can participate.
  • Sharing tips on your social media on how people in your community can organize on making schools a safer space.
  • Create a “Breaking the Silence Letter” with other students in your school to share with your administrator and ask for LGBTQ-inclusive support.
  • Follow the student monthly newsletters for upcoming events and resources to promote.


To be a Street Teamer, you must be:

  • At least 13 years old, have email access, and be enrolled in a K-12 school in the U.S.
  • Want to connect with other student organizers to learn from each other.
  • Are excited about doing outreach to increase awareness of ways people can get involved in demanding justice for LGBTQ students everywhere


If you’re burning bright to change the world and looking for a way to get things done, apply for the Street Team! Applications are accepted on a rolling basis through Monday, April 1, 2019.